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  Adding a fireplace to your home can increae the value, but the amount depends on the area of the country in which you live.


Purchasing a home with a fireplace, stove, chimney or adding one to a house can boost heating efficiency and can also increae the resale value of your home. More ...


No matter what style of home or office you have, chances are that there are several styles of fireplaces that will match your style perfectly. More ...

Wood Burning

The wood burning fireplace has historically been quite popular. The fragrant aroma of burning wood and a crackling fire are inviting as well as romantic and relaxing. More ...

Gas Fireplace

The use of natural gas or propane eliminates the need for cleaning up messy wood chips and ashes. Moreover, there is no longer any need to purchase, chop, or store wood. More ...

Outdoor Fireplaces

Sitting outdoors while enjoying the fragrance of a burning fire and the sound of popping embers can be a very special and relaxing time. More ...

Electric Fireplace

If you love the warmth and overall affect of a cozy fireplace but live in rental unit, a home without a chimney, or have budget constraints, think about going with an electric fireplace More ...

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