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Fireplace Accessories
With the right accessories, you can turn any fireplace into an incredible masterpiece. Adding just the right touch can turn a plain fireplace into something more elegant or a contemporary fireplace into a more traditional look. All it takes is some creativity and the perfect accessory.

Start with adding a set of andirons that will add beauty as well as functionality. Andirons are used in place of fireplace grates or as in addition to fireplace grates. Either way, they help to keep logs from falling out of the fire onto the hearth or floor. In fact, many years back, the construction of a fireplace was not considered complete until a Fireback was added. The charm and use of a Fireback is back in use today and offers an appearance of elegance while protecting the fireplace back wall as well as offering a beautiful reflection of the flames.

To give your fireplace a nice touch you can add a kettle or steamer. Although these accessories add humidity to otherwise dry air, they also offer a nice homey look to your fireplace and come in many different styles and colors.

Other great fireplace accessories can be placed on your mantle yet still serve a purpose. For example, replace your old wooden matchbox with a beautiful brass vase. In fact, you can even replace the matches with long-stick matches that come in various colors. Other items that provide a wonderful look include boot scrapers, damper hooks, gas valve keys, ashbins, and much more!

You might consider a beautiful bellow, a firewood caddies, or cone box. Brass, copper, and wood are always popular choices and many of the fireplace accessories available today are specially designed, often featuring original hand-painted drawings. Try different options, looking for the perfect balance. If your fireplace does not have a mantle, you can use your hearth for the accessories but just be sure to keep things uncluttered and do not go overboard or it will take away from the fireplace rather than add to it.

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