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Fireplace Decorating
In most cases, a fireplace is used only during certain months of the year. When the fireplace is not being used, put your creative skills to work by turning your fireplace into a beautiful accent, simply by decorating it. Now you can turn even a simplistic fireplace into a beautiful focal point. One of the most popular methods is by using a mirror. Just as you might use a mirror to give your room a larger appearance, you can do the same by adding a mirror to your fireplace. Find a mirror that matches the existing décor of your room and place it over the opening of your fireplace.

Another great option is to paint your fireplace. For example, if you have a home that is 30 years old and your brick fireplace is designed with dark brick, clean the brick with a brick cleaner or by mixing a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Once the brick dries, paint the brick with a coat of primer and then choose a intrior latex paint with a color that will enhance and update your room. You will be amazed at the transformation. Another decorating option is to make or purchase a silk flower arrangement that matches with your room's décor. Start by measuring the height and width of the fireplace opening and keep in mind that the flower arrangement should provide a seven-inch opening at the top and a three-inch opening on either side. The best options are an inverted "T" or triangular shape.

Candles have long been used as accents throughout a home but in recent years, the use of candles with a fireplace have dramatically increased. If you are looking for something special to bring life into an otherwise tired looking fireplace, candles are a great choice. A beautiful arrangement is the tiered effect, such as a candelabrum. In fact, many fireplace stores sell candle arrangements designed specifically for a fireplace. Some styles are designed to sit inside the fireplace while others sit directly in front. If you want a look of sophistication, choose white, ivory, or all one color for your candles while if you prefer something romantic or a little more contemporary, alternate the candle colors. This is also a great option when coordinating with the seasons - for Christmas, use red and green, Halloween, orange, black, and yellow, and Easter, pastels.

Fireplace screens are another great way to decorate your fireplace. It used to be that the draw screen was about the only option available. However, now you can find tremendous variety, offering something unique for every type of room. Potted plants are yet another great choice, which can be strategically placed on the hearth or hung from the mantle. Allow your creative juices to flow and have some fun with decorating your fireplace.

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