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Fireplace Mantles
Some fireplaces have mantles while others do not. A fireplace mantle is a wonderful way to dress up a fireplace so if your fireplace does not have one, you can always have one added. In fact, fireplace professionals and home contractors agree that a fireplace mantle is a good investment. For this reason when making your choice, you need to give it careful consideration. By adding or even updating your current mantle, you will give your room a remarkable facelift.

For many years, fireplace mantles were primarily constructed of high-density fiberboard and wood moldings or a combination of solid wood and veneer. However, as fireplace designs and technology have advanced, so have mantles. Many mantles are now constructed of various types of stone, which adds a nice touch of elegance. Because the fireplace mantle is such a focal point, you want to decorate your mantle for the best effect. To give you an idea of the amazing things you can do with a fireplace mantle, following are some recommendations:
  • Use candles of various sizes in groupings either on one side or both

  • Place a beautifully designed clear bowl filled with potpourri on your mantle. In addition to the beautiful accent, it will fill your room with a wonderful, inviting fragrance.

  • Mirrors are always a hit when it comes to fireplace mantles. Depending on the style of mantle you have, you can hang a large, ornate mantle for a look of sophistication and elegance or plain, tilted mirrors for a more contemporary look.

  • When it comes to decorating fireplace mantles, it is far better to use objects that are over-scaled than under-scaled. You want your mantle to provide a bold, impressive appearance. Smaller objects and paintings will be dwarfed in scale to the fireplace and draw attention for all the wrong reasons.

  • If you have collections, such as figurines, small boxes, or crystal pieces, the fireplace mantle is the perfect place to display them

  • Hang a beautiful wreath that enhances the color or style of your room above the mantle or display flowers using a couple of decorative vases. Since the heat of the fire can affect fresh-cut flowers, display these during the months when you are not using your fireplace and silk flowers when you are.
Remember, your fireplace mantle is the first thing a person will see when they enter your room. Try several of these suggestions or use your creativity and come up with some ideas of your own. The great thing about a fireplace mantle is that you can change the way it looks at any time. During the holiday seasons, use your fireplace mantle to set a festive atmosphere. If you are entertaining a special guest, change the look to one more on the romantic side. Regardless of the occasion, when you find the perfect combination, your mantle will look beautiful and you will enjoy your fireplace even more!

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