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Fireplace Bellows
Many years ago, bellows were used to start or keep a fire burning by providing puffs of air. In addition to being functional, bellows are also a wonderful accessory for any fireplace, regardless of style. If you know of someone that recently moved into a new home with a fireplace, this would make an ideal houewarming gift.

Bellows come in various sizes and a multitude of designs. Some are very simple and perfect for a more conservative fireplace while other bellows have gorgeous hand-painted designs. With the remarkable creativity, you will discover designs that include special features by cutting, inlaying, and painting using three-dimensional art. Keep in mind that most of the painted bellows are one of a kind and often signed by the artist.

After the bellow has been created, tung oil is used to enhance the richness of the natural wood. Depending on the size bellow you purchase, you will find bags that hold from two to five ounces of air. The bag portion of the bellow is constructed of leather, is durable, and able to produce a strong puff of air. Some bellows provide a nice rawhide lace tie to the handle, which is perfect for display on your fireplace.

To coordinate with your room's décor, artists create a huge selection from which you can choose. Most collections are amazing have been designing bellows for many years, creating each with its own style. If you are looking for a bargain, visit a fireplace store and check for specials on overstock, discontinued models, and factory seconds.

Now instead of worrying about your fire dwindling, you can simply reach for your bellow, drawn in air, and bring a smoldering fire back to life. Although no longer a necessity as in earlier years, people still like the nostalgia provided.

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