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Fireplace Glossary II
As you learned from the Fireplace Glossary I, knowing all you can about your fireplace is the best way to maintain it. The following are additional terms that will help you gain a better perspective of fireplaces.

Gas Cock Assembly This is also known as the valve control, and is a comination that when in the on position, allows the flow of gas to the burner and when in the off position, the gas supply to the fireplace is shut off

Heat Shield This non-combustible protector is used around appliances, the chimney, or smoke pipe

Hopper Attached to an appliance, wood pellets, nuggets, or coal is stored and then fed to the burner

Hot Surface Igniter This is an electronic ignition system

Limit Switch The limit switch is a device made from bimetallic material that will react to excessive temperatures in a fireplace and then turn off the gas flow

Main Gas Burner This is for the final conveyance of gas or a mixture of gas and air going to the combustion zone

Millivolt This unit of electromotive force is equal to one-thousandth of one volt

National Fuel Gas Code This is the standard for gas hearth installation standards

Orifice The orifice is the opening found in a cap, spud, or some other type of device where gas flow is limited. Additionally, the orifice is where the flow of gas is discharged to the burner.

Pellets Made from 100% sawdust and no additives, this is a material that is manufactured to be burned in fireplaces

Piezo Starter This starter is the red button that puts pressure on the crystal found in the standing pilot system

Safety Pilots This is a safety shutoff for gas flow, consisting of three components that includes the thermocouple, electromagnetic power unit (EMU), and pilot assembly

Spillage The process that happens the flue gasses are not able to exit the vent system so they back up into the home. The problem with this is that carbon monoxide occurs, causing silent and odorless poison. When this gas seeps into the home, it can kill.

Spill Switch When there is a spillage, this device detects it

Therm This is a unit of heating that is equal to 100,000 BTUs

Water Column (WC) This is the measurement of pressure of gas and in one PSI (pounds per square inch), there are 28 WCs

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