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Fireplace Rug Types
Fireplace rugs are important in tht they actually help protect your home from flying embers, ash, or rolling logs. These rugs are specially designed to be fire resistant and are placed on the floor in front of the fireplace or woodstove. In addition to the safety and protection issue, fireplace rugs also add a sense of charm to the room.

Rather than using just any throw rug in front of your fireplace or woodstove, you want to choose rugs that are made for this purpose. The following are some of the more popular choices that you will find on the market. Keep in mind that you can find these rugs at your local fireplace or home improvement stores.

Blue Flower Basket This fireplace rug measures 27 x 45-inches, made from textured wool, and all hand-tufted. The border is designed in two-tone blue checks with the center design of vibrant blue, gold, and mauve flowers surrounded by green leaves. This rug and others like it can be purchased for around $100.

Green Flower Basket This is identical to the Blue Flower Basket except the border is made from two-tone green checks. Also made from textured wool and hand-tufted, you will find this rug and others similar to it for around $100.

Beige and Blue Botanical Measuring 27 x 45-inches this is a beautiful and colorful rug made from 100% textured wool that has been hand-tufted. The outside has a nice border of flowers on a dark green background while the center portion has a cream background with bolder and brighter flowers.

Rooster and Hen This is a wonderful country design that measures 27 x 45-inches, made from textured wool, and is hand-tufted. Also sold for $100, you will enjoy the countryside that features trees with a gorgeous rooster and his hen.

Beige Trellis Also measuring 27 x 45-inches, made from textured wool, and hand-tufted, the color scheme of this rug is soft with a country or European flair. Typically, this rug or one like it costs $100.

Overall Floral This fireplace rug has nice, rich brown and tan tones that offer a rich and sophisticated look. The colors are what you would find in an antique rug. This rug is made by hand in India and is offered in two sizes. The first is 24 x 36-inches for $110 and the second is 30 x 54-inches, running $159.

Green Sage Floral Absolutely gorgeous is the best way to describe the colors and design of this rug. All hand-hooked and made from 100% wool on a cotton backing, this rug measures 30 x 50-inches.

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