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Fireplace Tool Sets III
When it comes to fireplace tool sets, this is more than just a shovel, poker, and broom, although that is a part of it. Fireplace tools are an important part of having a fireplace for a number of reasons. First, they allow you to keep the bed of the fireplace clean from ash, they help keep burning logs from rolling ou of the fireplace, and so on.

You will also find that fireplace tool sets come in all types of sizes, finishes, and designs so that even they add to the overall appearance of the fireplace. You can choose from a simple, country look called a Basketweave, choose from a set that has a European flair called and Arch tool set, or you can choose something more elaborate that would be perfect for a more formal setting called the Big Fish Fire tool set.

The price of fireplace tool sets also come in a number of price ranges, all the way from $150 to $500! Another style that is simple but also unique is called a Bouquet tool set. With this set, the base has a nice arch that is simple while the top arch has a beautiful design that mimics a blossoming flower.

The Deer Fireplace tool set is very popular for its unique design and simplicity. Each tool hangs simply from the top that is designed from hand-forged wrought iron. Another tool set to consider if you like whimsical things is called the Fireplace Buddy. This tool set actually looks like a little man with glasses. In his left hand, he is holding a basket where kindling and logs can be kept while the chest and body area are where the tools hang. These range in price from $170 to $285.

The Flowers Curved Screen with Tools is one of the more expensive options and although simple in design, it is handcrafted beautifully. This tool set typically runs close to $400. The Harvest Fireplace Toolset runs around $150 and has a nice style that fits with any room décor. On each end of the top are a loop design and a flying goose in the center. This would be ideal for a cabin or family room. The Large Leaf toolset also runs around $150 and features scrolled legs, a slender base, and is unique but great for any room.

Other popular designs that you should consider include:
  • Leaf Fire Tools - $310
  • Mallards Fire Tool Set - $150
  • Maple Leaf Fireplace Toolset - $250
  • Mission Fire Tools - $250
  • Monarch Butterfly Fire Toolset - $150
  • Phoenix Fire Tools - $425
  • Roses Tool Set - $210
  • Rush Fire Tools - $450

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