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Fireplace Tools
Unfortunately, many fireplace owners bypass the importance and value that fireplace tools can add. First, if you have a wood burning fireplace or stove then you need tools to ensure you can manage your fire safely. Additionally, even if you have a gas fireplace, tools can provide a wonderful enhancement to both the fireplace and the room. To give you an idea of options, following are some of the more popular choices:
  • Traditional Wrought Iron - This type of tool set is usually the most economical. Generally, you will find the traditional set to include a fire poker, broom, tongs, and shovel. Wrought iron is made to last a long time and can be purchased in a matte or powder coat finish.
  • Basket Weave - For this type of fireplace tool, you will enjoy a set that is constructed with a natural finish. Usually the basket weave is hand-forged for an excellent value. The design includes a shepherd's crook handle that adds a nice touch of character. You will find this tool set in a nice fired and sealed iron, which is the ideal method for retaining the beautiful dark gray finish.
  • Copper Finish - For a look of sophistication, the copper finish fireplace tool set is perfect. This stylish set provides just the right touch of richness to your home and is beautifully crafted and sturdy. Depending on the manufacturer, some are designs are simplistic while others tend to be more ornate.
  • Closed Weave - This is a nice fireplace tool set finished with a natural iron, offering value and durability. The handle is designed with a unique crook and the stand features a twist design, which creates a beautiful accent.
  • Compact Tool Set - If you happen to live in a smaller home, apartment, or your fireplace is constructed on the smaller scale, you will find many options for a compact tool set without skimping on quality. This type of tool set is like any of the standard sizes with one exception - it is compact in size.
Over the years, the design of fireplace tools has really improved. Just as the door or screen gives your fireplace personality to match your room, fireplace tools do the same.

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