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Fireplace Wood Storage
Nothing is more warm and inviting than having a roaring fire in the fireplace on those cold fall and winter nights. A wood-burning fireplace sets the mood for a romantic evening or for fun and relaxation with the kids or friends. However, with a wood-burning fireplace, you need to have wood nearby to keep the blaze going

While many people will store wood just outside the door where they can grab a few logs, or store a few on the hearth, neither solution is very convenient. The best solution is to purchase a wood carrier and/or storage unit especially designed to keep your wood organized and within reach.

The market has many great options from which to choose so you have the right solution for any fireplace style. Additionally, you will find carriers and storage units that fit any size room or home. These products are quite affordable and actually work to enhance your fireplace so the fireplace itself remains the focal point while you can simply reach over, grab and lob, and put it on the fire. The following are some of the most often purchased for you to consider:
  • Hearth Center This is the perfect solution for keeping everything organized and together. The wood logs stack vertically so you have plenty of room for kindling underneath. The beautiful, hand-forged detailing on the tools include give this a beautiful look. Included are a shovel, poker, tongs, and natural broom. Made from natural iron, you can own this center for around $250.

  • Craftsman Hearth Center This center is very similar to the other one but it is just a little larger. With this center, the wood also stacks vertically, providing you a lot of space below for kindling, fatwood, matches, and other necessities. You will receive working tongs, a poker, shovel, and broom. The center itself is constructed from iron and the tools are all hand-forged. This too runs around $250 and is worth every cent.

  • Cowhide Carrier This carrier is perfect if you do not have room for a center. Made from quality cowhide, double sewn, and secured with rivets, you never need to worry about the carrier falling apart. The cradle portion of this carrier is all hand-forged and when not in use, it folds up for convenience and easy storage. This carrier measures 24 x 14 x 19 inches and runs around $220.

  • Log Toter This solution is another one if you do not have the room for a carrier and need to keep your wood outback or on the deck/patio. This toter works so you simply roll the wood into it from the woodpile. This eliminates excessive lifting and makes carrying wood inside a breeze. Additionally, priced around $150, this solution is ideal for many fireplace owners.

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