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Chimmey Cap Types
Chimney caps come in a huge variety to accommodate every type of fireplace. The information provided below will help you understand the various options available.

Standard Cap These chimney caps can be made of stainless steel, copper, steel, or aluminum with the most popular choice being steel, either natural or black. Typically, these caps will have side screening that helps keep small animals and bird out of the chimney. The other benefit is that if you have a large spark that makes its way up the flue, it becomes trapped and does not blow out into your yard, possible catching something on fire.

The standard type chimney cap can be mounted with screws around the base angle and then tightened up to the flue tile, or mounted inside if you do not have a flue that potrudes out far enough. The stainless steel option works the best of all materials in that it manages exposure to wind, smoke, rain, and other things that the top of your chimney faces.

Draft Increasing Cap This type of chimney cap is great if you have problems with drafts. Some of these caps will be cut down on the cross section of the chimney, which is fine for a stove but not a good idea when using an open fire. A word of caution you should not use mechanical caps that need to use spinning turbines. What happens is the creosote and smoke from your fireplace can cause a gummy substance to build up on the working of these types of caps.

Integral Damper Mechanisms If you have an older fireplace that is missing damper mechanisms or that has mechanisms that are loose fitting, energy is wasted due to cold drafts seeping into the house. In this case, a top-sealing damper is a great choice in that it can be retrofitted for your specific chimney top. These dampers come with integral caps so you do not have to worry about buying something extra.

Customized Cap Since not all flues are shaped the same, or perhaps your chimney has multiple flues, you can have a cap custom made. These are usually available in brass, aluminum and many other materials that would enhance the look of your fireplace chimney.

Electric Draft Increasing Cap With this option, you will find that the cap has units included that function as both a cap and an electric draft inducer. This is a great option for people with draft problems where other means to solve the problem have not worked. The electric fans built into the caps are designed with variable speeds so you can easily and effective choose the right type of draft control for your fireplace. The only drawback is that these units are costly, ranging in price from $900 to $1,500.

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