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More Fireplace Dampers
Many older fireplaces were constructed without dampers. If you have this situation, you might want to consider having a top-mount damper added to your fireplace. To accomplish this, a chain is used to connect to the top assembly and mounting bracket, which then attaches to the inside of the fireplace so you can access it from inside the house. Using a damper is important in that it helps vent the fumes when burning gas or wood and it helps cut back on the cost of heating bills.

Fireplace dampers are used to seal the fireplace flue so heat loss is dramatically reduced. In fact, depending on the brand of damper you buy, you can save as much as $100 per month in heating bills, if not more. Additionally, fireplace dampers help to keep out critters such as birds and rccoons, block out snow and rain, and keep falling debris such as tree limbs or leaves out.

A damper has a spring-loaded lid that will default to an open position. With a stainless steel cable that extends down the inside of the chimney, you can operate the damper with ease. On the inside of the fireplace and inside the home, you will find a hook that you pull on to open and then push up to close.

Fireplace dampers come in a number of sizes and having a good measurement is important in that the flue liners dimensions can vary by as much as one full inch. This is why working with a professional is important. For instance, you can by an 8x8-inch for $189, an 8x13-inch for $199, a 13x13-inch for $209, a 13x17-inch for $219, or 17x17-inch for $299. The cables also come in two main lengths of 40 and 50-foot.

The Lock Top damper has a top mount system that is not as restrictive as other models. When this type of damper is closed, it serves as a damper but when it is open, it serves as a rain cap. The nice thing about this type of damper is that it can be removed easily for cleaning.

The Lock Top damper is sealed with a silicone rubber gasket rather than metal-to-metal like most dampers. Additionally, this style of damper provides a tight seal so nothing, not even air can get in. That means during the wintertime, you are not losing heat and during the summer, you are not losing cool air.

Because of the quality of materials and functionality, the stainless steel and cast aluminum construction comes with a lifetime warranty. Keep in mind that the Lock Top damper is designed specifically for wood burning fireplace flues and not meant for gas fireplaces. Remember that a number of options for gas burning fireplaces area available as well that are just as terrific. If you do not want to hire a professional, you will find that installation of this and other dampers is not difficult so if you have a handy streak, you could probably do it alone.

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