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Chimmey Tops
If you have ever been to England or other European countries, you have seen tall, slender structures that stand over fireplace chimney. These chimney tops have long been a part of Europe for style and elegance. Much of the architecture being created today in the United States and other countries is incorporating the chimney top, bringing back some of the overseas charm.

Chimney tops not only look regal, but also have a distinct purpose. The chimney tops feature individual expression that is unique to the chimney. They work to evoke warmth, support a cherry fire, and keep homes warm while the outside looks magnificent.

Chimney tops are typically small but more and more the taller and ornate tops are becoming an essential part of homes. The chimney tops are now being designed to be the incredible structure that they were first intended to be. They are tall and very ornamental. Rather than just seeing a clump of bricks on top of the chimney, we see elegant structures and separate the chimney into distinct flues.

The chimney tops form a cluster that can fit with a number of architectural styles. For the homes being built today, the metal or wooden brick surround is being replaced. Typically, most of the wooden chimney designs seen today are simply used to hide the metal pipe. However, with the true chimney top, the metal pipe can be hidden and a better heat produced.

The chimney tops look incredible on older homes and businesses. If you are thinking about buying a home to restore or are in the process of restoring a home and not sure what to do with the fireplace, you should look at the various options for chimney tops. You can be sure that your home will stand out from others. Although there are some designs more traditional, you can design your own chimney top to make your home or business look amazing.

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