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Fireplace Adirons
Fireplace Andirons were originally designed to hold logs as they burn in a fireplace. Consequently these pieces are made of metal so that they can withstand the temperatures present in a burning fire. These come in sets of two because you need two of them to support logs. One andiron will be on one side and another will be on another side of the log. In this way the burning log is balanced on the andirons.

Andirons vs Grates

Today, many people have replaced andirons with a grate. There Grate has an advantage because is is generally more sturdy and can support the logs very well. In addition, as the wood burns it is easier for the fire to be cotained in the grate withour falling through. This can allow the fire to burn better under some circumstances and can let the fire stay a greater distance off of the floor of the fireplace.

However, Andirons can provide many advantages as well - many of them are aesetic. Andirons can be shapoed to match decor. In addition, the andirons can produce a really neat affect when the fire is burning in the fireplace. This depends on the type that have been selected. In addition, andirons may be better for smaller fireplaces since the fire can reside closer to the bottom ofr the fireplace.

Andirons and Decorating

One of the best things about andirons is that hey can come in many shaped and sizes. There are andirons that are shaped like dogs and other animals. There are andirons shaped like geometric shapes. There are also andirons shaped like many other items. This can provide a unique touch to the decor of a room, especially when the fire is burning. The shape of the andirons provides a guide to the dancing light and flames.

In addition, when there is no fire burning in the fireplace, andirons can be used as decorations and prevent a fireplace from appearing empty or hollow. Moreover, they can also draw attention away from dirt or ashes that accumulate in the fireplace area. In addition, adirons can also be used as decoration outside of the fireplace then there is no fire buring. This can be helpful during the summer.

Andiron Materials

Most andirons are made of iron or brass or some other very durable metal. If you look on the web, you will see adirons made of cast iron, wrought iron or even of brass. Some may be described as being made of vintage iron. This usually means that they are made to look like an older style so they are "vintage."


Andirons come in many sizes. There are thick ones and thin ones - tall ones and short ones. Each is designed to fit a certain size and shape of fireplace or to match a particular decor style. The decor style will also dictate the figure or shape that is used in the design of the andirons. In addition, some adirons are described as "heavy duty." These may be exceedingly thick and will not be destroyed to degraded in the fire easily. Moreover they may support more logs.


When you decide what to use to keep and hold your logs in the fireplace, please consider fireplace andirons. Several reasons to consider are the decor styles, the shape, the size, and the purpose of the fireplace for your room. Andirons are usually best if you want to go for an older, more tranditional look to your fireplace. This is changing as manufacturers and designers are coming out with new styles and designs to fill fireplace market needs.

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