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Fireplace Andirons
Fireplace andirons are beautiful, used to create an accent to your fireplace grates, and help keep the logs in place. Although they are not required to have a fireplace, they do add a wonderful enhancement that simply makes your fireplace look better. When it comes to buying andirons, you will choose from various styles and sizes. For instance, if you burn wood in your fireplace, you would use a long shank to hold the wood. If you have gas logs, a short shank is used. By adding the andirons, the fireplace is given a more realistic appearance. The following are some styles that you might consider for your own fireplace:
  • Pilgrim Blacksmith Andiron These andirons can be used with gas logs or simply used to accent the grate. There are several different options from which to choose, with the most common size being 11 x 17-inches. One option would be a set of andirons made of vintage iron, which runs around $140. If you prefer, you can choose matte black, which is a little more, averagig $160. These andirons are simple in design, featuring a round opening at the top of the leg that then sits on a soft arch.

  • Ball End Andirons These andirons are unique and perfect for both a rustic and contemporary home. The andirons have a ball at the end, as the name indicates but then the leg portion is twisted, sitting on hard-cornered arches. The design is historic, making them a top seller. The measurements of these andirons are 18 3/4 x 9 x 14 3/4-inch. The price for these andirons averages $270.

  • Maple Leaf Andirons Made from wrought iron, the design of these andirons have a wonderful maple leaf design. The iron is all hand-forged, giving it a unique appearance. The standard size for these andirons measures 15 1/4 x 7 1/4 x 15 inches and runs around $160.

  • Linden Leaf Andirons The construction of these andirons is wrought iron with a graceful linden leaf design that is softly draping downwards. The iron is hand-forged and these andirons measure 16 x 9 1/4 x 15 1/2 inches. The average price is $170.

  • Labrador Andirons These andirons look just like two black Labradors facing each other, keeping eye on the roaring fire. Made from cast iron, these andirons measure 11 x 14 x 12 inches and averages $150.

  • Key Andirons Perfectly shaped like a key that has the base of a twisted piece of rope and sturdy piano legs, these andirons have a unique look that is a bit whimsical. These andirons are made from cast iron and come with a satin black finish. Measuring 7 1/4 x 12 x 16 inches, you can buy these andirons for as little as $60.

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