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Fireplace Candelabras
The hottest trend for fireplaces today is candelabras. Instead of leaving your fireplace to sit empty during off-peak months, now you can decorate it inexpensively. Fireplace candelabras provide an incredible romantic touch and create an entirely different ambience to your room.

Candelabras are specially designed to fit perfectly into your fireplace and come in all different styles and shapes. Now you can snuggle in the summer while watching your favorite movie and enjoy the soft flickering glow of candles. In fact, you can purchase candles with a wonderful scent that will fill the room with whatever fragrance you prefer.

If you are looking for something light and elegant, vanilla is always an excellent choice. If you prefer something a little more serious and intense, sandalwood or musk are ideal. Even if you want a nice soft glow on a rainy afternoon, you can use a light and airy scented candle such as ginger to bring a little sunshine into an otherwise dreary day. If you want to change things up a bit, even in the winter if having a nice dinner party for the holidays, use a candelabrum filled with scented evergreen or berry candles, adding to the festive spirit.

Fireplace candelabras provide an easy and convenient way to change the look of your room in an instant while still giving off just a touch of warmth. Most candelabras are designed with iron and depending on how simple or fancy you want, you will be surprised at the vast array of options. If you have an extra large or small fireplace, you can even have one custom made.

It just seems such a waste to let your fireplace sit there as wasted space when you can bring life to it simply by adding a beautiful candelabra. If your fireplace is gas burning, you have two options. First, you can remove the logs during the hot summer months or, you can find a screen that features candleholders, giving much of the same effect.

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