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Fireplace and Candles
Over the past several years, candles have become increasingly more popular for any room of the house. They offer a hint of warmth, soft or rich fragrances, and the perfect decorative touch. When it comes to fireplaces, candles are the ideal choice for adding a decorative touch, no matter the season.

If you want something different, you can add a fireplace candelabrum, which is designed specifically for fireplaces. They sit nicely inside the fireplace when not being used, bringing a warm, romantic ambience to your room. Even if you want a cozy feel when reading a book during the summer months, a candelabrum is perfect.

However, there are many other choices when it comes to fireplaces and candles. If you have a mantle, you can never go wrong with a cluster of different styles of candleholders. Using candlesticks and staying with one metal such as pewter, bronze, silver, or gold, find various styles and heights. You can either place them all on one side of the mantle or use two separate groupings, one on either side. The effect is beautiful!

Another option is to create a display on your hearth. In this situation, use fresh-cut or silk flowers to set around the base of the candles for a specific look. If you want to bring the spring indoors, you can use carnations, daisies, or various colored roses. If you are decorating for the holidays, use poinsettias or strung cranberries and pinecones. When it comes to fireplaces and candles, there are no wrongs. Just use your imagination and have some fun.

Of course, any time you use candles, especially on a low hearth where pets or children could knock them over, you want to ensure you take the appropriate safety precautions. Light candles only when you can monitor them constantly. While beautiful, candles can also create fire hazards. Just use them wisely and enjoy the warm, homey feel they provide.

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