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Fireplace Deco
Some homes you walk into and stand in awe the minute you see the fireplace while others seem to disappear into wall. If you have a fireplace, by changing the décor, you can create a new, fresh look that will enhance any type of décor you have and make the fireplace pop. Most fireplaces serve as a focal point in the room. By choosing the right items, you can make your fireplace stand out while not consuming the entire room.

One of the easiest and least expensive ways of changing the look of your fireplace is by decorating the mantel. To be successful with this process, you need to follow some simple guidelines:
  • The mantle should be noticed. Therefore, you want to use accessories that are bold and coordinate with your décor. Although you could use numerous smaller items, they will fade against the mantle and do little to improve the look of your fireplace.

  • Keep collections together. Many people think that if they have four candle, they should place two on each side. The best way to display any collection no matter what it is would be to keep the items together. Therefore, bring the four candles together on one side of the mantle for a strong presentation.

  • Items such as long candleholders, large bouquets of flowers, or figurines that are good sized are the perfect choice.

  • If you have an older home with a dark, dreary mantle, paint it. Simply use paint that can withstand heat and choose a nice ivory color or a soft, muted tone that will be the perfect stage for your accessories.

  • If you do not have a mantle or if your existing mantle is small, replace it with a new mantle or shelf.

  • Use items from your own yard to create beautiful accessories. For instance, tall twigs that measure around three-feet tall stripped of leaves and branches and placed in a tall, cobalt vase would be gorgeous. This look would be ideal for a number of styles such as Mediterranean, Contemporary, or even Country.

  • Change out the fireplace door or screen with something unusual. One of the most popular choices is the screen that has votive candleholders. Another beautiful option is glass with etching. Then to match the mantle, use iron pieces that will add texture and interest.

  • If your room is country or has an informal look, you can also create a unique presentation of various textures. For instance, you can use artwork or homemade pieces of interest from stone or iron that has touches or natural colors such as rust or moss.

  • A spectacular presentation is to take two different styles and blend them. You could take antique pieces and place them on a contemporary fireplace mantle in small groups. This creates a nice look and to make it work, simply choose the right scale and stay within color schemes of the room.

  • If your fireplace mantle and room are formal and have a look of elegant sophistication, symmetrical displays work best.

  • Keep your collections to odd numbers. Instead of grouping four candles, make it three or five.

  • Rather than feel you have to fill up every inch of space on the fireplace mantle, allow room in between the various groups.

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