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Fireplace Logs
Many years ago, a gas fireplace log looked like a gas fireplace log. Even when standing across the room, it was obvious the logs were not real and even cheesy in appearance. Times have changed and so have the options for fireplace logs. Now, you can enjoy a multitude of log designs, each offering the ideal look for your home. The first thing to consider is that gas logs come in two types - vented and vent free. The vented fireplace log produces little to no heat while the vent free offer a lot of heat, although they do not look as realistic and are not used as often.

For the vented fireplace, you have to leave the damper open while burning a fire since soot and carbon are generated and need a way to escape. The vent free logs are used when the damper is closed and are a good option if you need to heat more than just the room in which the fireplace is located. The vented logs produce a beautiful yellow flame while the vent free logs burn blue. This color of fire is not as pretty or realistic as the vented logs but they do burn much hotter and cleaner.

Fireplace logs are designed from ceramic fiber or concrete and then the natural gas burns underneath to create the realistic look. You will find a multitude of options when it comes to wood-look to include oak, birch, and pine and more. Each log set is designed differently so the logs look as though you placed them there from your woodpile. You can choose from a either a full look or split log look. In addition, you can also enhance the fireplace logs with special embers sold to look exactly like real wood burning embers.

When it comes to gas logs, you need to make the determination as to what is more important, appearance or heat. You will also find that gas fireplace logs have options for control such as manual, wall control, thermostat, or remote control. Again, it all depends on your preference.

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