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Fireplace Door Installation
One of the best ways to make your fireplace highly energy efficient is by adding quality fireplace doors, especially glass. When it comes time to choose the specific type of door perfect for your fireplace, you will quickly discover numerous options. Without doors, problems arise that include embers, sparks, and even wood falling out onto the floor, thus creating a fire hazard. In addition to resolving the safety issue, adding the right door will improve heat efficiency.

Although it may seem a little intimidating, if you are handy, you may prefer to complete the installation of your fireplace door yourself. If you are not comfortable in completing the installation, you can locate someone in your local community to do the installation for you. Regardless of who handles the installation, the first and most important step is to measure the fireplace opening, bringing the measurement to the nearest 1/16 of an inch. Once the measurements are done, the area where the door will be installed needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

There are two basic fits for fireplace doors - inside fit and overlap fit. The inside fit is usually performed by a mason since this type of installation requires precise measurements and is most often used for custom doors. The overlap fit is by far the most common choice and when using this type of installation, you are more likely to get a better fit. This option is used when the fireplace door is bigger than the opening. Therefore, the door will overlap the brick area and end up flush with the brick, granite, marble, or whatever material makes up your fireplace.

If you decide to perform your own installation and run into the problem of having the masonry around your fireplace be uneven, a mason can come to your home to even it out. If the masonry is too irregular to be fixed, the fireplace doors can always be installed using the overlap fit and then placing fiberglass insulation in between the stone and doorframe, thus creating a nice seal.

Keep in mind that a fireplace door plays an important role so having a good fit is very important. In addition to adding a decorative touch to your home, the door will also protect your home from fire, will help reduce the loss of heat going up the chimney, and depending on the type of door you choose, will hold heat, thus providing a cost effective way of heating your home.

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