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Fireplace Inserts III
Fireplace inserts not only enhance the appearance of your fireplace but they also improve the efficiency. With inserts, you will have the ability to control the heat and heat loss much better. Depending on the style of insert you choose, some will come with fans and even remote controls.

The way inserts work is, they convert a regular wood-burning fireplace into a fireplace that now operates on gas. Typically, a fireplace insert will include a gas log set that is encased in a steel or cast iron exchanger. Most unites have fans built in so the heat produced can be pushed out into the room better and more even. As mentioned, some fireplace inserts also come with a hand-held remote control or wall switch, making the turning on and off, of the fire easy. You literally flip the switch and you have a fire no more matches, no more messing with gas controls.

There are two types of fireplace inserts from which to choose. The first one is known as a direct vent. With this insert, the system is made of sealed combustion, which helps to heat the home efficiently while keeping the indoor air quality optimum. For this insert to work, negative air pressure and combustion is brought inside from the outside. This helpseliminate heat loss that you would experience with a standard chimney design.

The second type of insert is known as a natural vent that works with a pre-fabricated or masonry chimney. For this insert to work, air from inside the room is used for combustion while the air going to the outside is exhausted using a special, flexible liner that fits inside of the chimney.

By converting your existing wood fireplace to a gas-burning fireplace, you will enjoy a number of benefits. For starters, you will save money by eliminating the cost of wood. Second, you will experience as much as an 80% improvement in efficiency. Third, many people like gas-burning fireplaces in that they help the environment by not cutting down trees. To determine if an insert is right for you, here are a few other benefits to enjoy:
  • Since there are no ashes to clean up, this is a cleaner way to burn overall
  • With an insert, you can accomplish what is called Zone Heating. With this, you heat only the room or rooms you want instead of the entire house.
  • Gas burns much cleaner than what you would get with wood
A good quality fireplace insert can heat a room up to 1,000 square feet for pennies on the dollar. Additionally, installing an insert is extremely easy and can be used with any masonry type fireplace. You will also find that inserts come in a number of styles so regardless of your homes décor, there will be an insert to match perfectly.

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