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Gas Fireplace Inserts
Gas fireplace inserts serve a very important function they operate to make your fireplace much more efficient. The glass is designed to keep the chimney from pulling all of the warm air outside, keeping it in the house instead. Other benefits include using the metal firebox to heat up so heat is transferred into the home and not the chimney, using the insert with blowers is perfect for circulating the heat and with a thermostat, you can control the heat so your home is exactly the ideal temperature.

Gas fireplace inserts are vented using a single aluminum chimney liner for B-vent stoves, or for direct vent stoves, they are vented with double aluminum liners. The efficiency is wonderful and the fact that they bring combustion air down line liner and send the exhaust up the other liner, you have the peace of mind that your fireplace is safe.

You will find gas fireplace inserts that look exactly like the wood burning counterparts except that they offer more convenience, a higher degree of cleanliness, and more versatility for venting options. You will be able to choose from steel or cast iron designs that actually come in a number of sizes, colors, and styles.

The nice thing about a gas fireplae insert is that they will heat several rooms at once, and depending on the style and size of the home, the entire house. Although there are many models from which to choose, the most popular is one that has a glass window to help keep the heat in the home and not being lost up the chimney. Some of the most popular choices include:
  • Enviro Gas EG20
  • Enviro Gas EG25
  • Enviro Gas Focus Iron
  • Regency U41
  • Enviro Gas Focus Steel
  • Regency U35
  • Regency U31
  • Valor Legend
With a gas fireplace insert, you can take a dull and plain looking fireplace and create a wonderful, unique look that will enhance any room décor. Gas fireplace inserts are not expensive and can boost the value of the home, but best of all, when you receive your next heating bill after installing a gas fireplace insert and see the tremendous savings, you will love using your fireplace even more!

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