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Fireplace Surround
Similar to a fireplace mantle, the surround is a part of the fireplace that includes the mantle and the sidepieces running down either side, providing a beautiful finish touch. For most homes, the fireplace is the centerpiece of the room in which it resides. Not only does a fireplace offer a beautiful visual affect but also the social benefit of providing a perfect gathering place for family and friends.

The fireplace surround can be designed from simple birch wood or breathtaking granite. Regardless of your specific style, a surround definitely enhances an otherwise dreary fireplace and can remove years from your existing fireplace. If the room where your fireplace is located leans toward a rustic style, you can choose from knotty pine or heavy oak. If your room is more sophisticated or contemporary, you will find designs that are luxurious and even colorful.

Picture taking your outdated brick fireplace and adding natural stone that stretches from the hearth up both sides of the fireplace and then blending in perfectly with the mantle for an overall incredible look. The technology of today provides tremendous options of material and style and in fact, there are surrounds magnificently designed with interchangeable ceramic tiles, mirrors, marbles, and glass. If you want to change the look of the fireplace, you make the choice and simply replace the tiles.

If you prefer a stone or brick surround, you will find you have a choice between a natural product and a pre-fabricated product. The manufactured choices now come in a large variety of styles and colors, providing something for every homeowner. The cost of these two products is about the same, so the decision really depends on your preferred style. No matter which type of surround you choose, you will be amazed at the transformation.

In addition, surrounds can be used for other projects than just a fireplace. A great option is using a surround as a headboard. Once the surround is attached to the wall, you can use a contrasting paint color, wallpaper, or fabric behind the bed in the opening of the surround. You will then have a tall shelf (mantle) above your bed to display some of your treasured artifacts. The result is a unique headboard and an amazing enhancement to your room. Therefore, when it comes to fireplace surrounds, get as creative as you like and enjoy the results.

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