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Fireplace Mantels II
If you have, a fireplace that you want to change the appearance of, you can change the mantle and literally transform the appearance. If you have a fireplace that has a small mantle or no mantle at all, the investment of a mantle will not only help your fireplace to look amazing but it will actually increase the value of your home. If you have a mantle but it seems outdated or does not fit in with your décor, you can change it to match your style perfectly.

The fireplace mantles made years ago were nothing like they are today. They used to be made only of wood or some type of high-density fiberboard. Today, you will find mantles can be constructed of all types of mantles. The most popular include granite, stone, brick, and marble. Keep in mind that your fireplace is typically the focal point of the room. Therefore, you want it to look as stunning as possible.

You want people to walk into your room and be mesmerized by the beauty of your fireplace mantle. By adding one or changing one out, you can accomplish just that. The first step is to work with a professional that can help you choose the right material, color, and size for your particular fireplace.

If you want something simple and small, you can buy an unfinished paint-grade mantle and surround for as little as $150! The great thing is that you have many options. If you do want a wood fireplace, you can have it painted or lacquered, whatever you need for your décor. Most companies that create fireplace mantles will give you an option of wood type, paint, stain, or lacquer color, inish, and size.

If you want to go with something more high-end, then you have choices in granite, stone, marble, or brick as mentioned. Even with these choices, you can choose from all types of color and design. If you have a contemporary style home, you might choose a black marble with fine gold filigree. If you have a more relaxed country décor, granite in neutral colors would be beautiful. There is no end to the possibilities so use your imagination and let yourself be creative.

To enhance your fireplace mantle, helping it stand out for all to enjoy, you can do some things. For example, a display of candles is a perfect solution. Create an odd-number display on one or both sides of the mantle, using candleholders of different sizes and similar styles. Mirrors are also an excellent way to bring life to your mantle and help make the room look larger. This could be accomplished using one large mirror hung above the fireplace or as several setting on the mantle.

For your new fireplace mantle, choose objects for display that are over scaled. The key is to create a bold, dramatic look, which is exactly what larger objects will do. Mantles are also the perfect place to display collections such as crystal, figurines, or decorative boxes.

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