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Fireplace Glass Door
Before you buy a glass door for your fireplace, you need to determine the type of fireplace you have. A masonry fireplace, one constructed of brick and mortar, has a brick chimney while a pre-fabricated fireplace will have a metal firebox, and the chimney will be made of metal piping. The masonry fireplace will use glass doors designed specifically for that type while a pre-fabricated fireplace, also called a zero-clearance fireplace, will use a different type of door. Keep in mind that while you might think that glass doors are interchangeable, they are not.

Glass fireplace doors serve a very specific purpose. A good fitting glass door helps to seal the fireplace opening, thus providing a valuable benefit in reducing smoke emission. In addition, having a downdraught is a problem that can be found in many fireplaces and is due to the chimney terminal having an incorrect height in correlation to the roof or even trees and buildings located nearby. In this case, the glass fireplace door can help to stop any incoming cold air, thus keeping the house warm and making the fireplace more efficient.

In the past few years, special thermal insulated glass doors have been designed providing even greater benefit. In addition to keeping hot ash from spilling out onto your carpet and creating a potential fire hazard, this type of glass door is perfect for retaining heat, even after the fire is out.

If you have a fireplace built in the 1940s or 1950s, you probably have a glass door that leaves much to be desired. Now you can change out the existing door with something more beautiful and energy efficient. Check with your local fireplace store to get an idea of the vast options available.

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