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Fireplace screen
Fireplace screens have two primary functions. First, fireplace screens are used for safety in keeping sparks, hot ash, or logs from getting into your room and starting a fire. Second, they offer a wonderful option for enhancing the look of your fireplace. In fact, some people prefer using a fireplace screen instead of a door. Depending on the type of fireplace you have, this may or may not be an option. If you want the best of both worlds, you can use a fireplace door during the months when you burn a fire to help absorb and distribute heat and then an ornate screen during the off-season months.

One consideration is the ease of tending your fire without the hassle of moving the screen. You will discover several arched-style fireplace screens that are perfect. This type of screen sets flat against the opening of the fireplace, offering easy to open doors. Another great option is a folding fireplace screen that is designed with hinges where you can gain quick and easy access to the fire. Best of all, the hinges lock, adding protection for keeping sparks in and children out.

Over the past several years, designers have come up with some wonderful options. Instead of the ordinary fireplace screen that simply covers and brings no character into the room, now you can enjoy screens that are accented with various designs. For the rustic look, there are wrought iron geese, ducks, deer, ec. that add just the right touch. If you prefer a more sophisticated style, there are amazing designs such as beautifully hand-twisted iron handles, or other unique trim.

If old-world charm is more to your liking, you will find fireplace screens that have been crafted with a fabulous arch design, using steel in a unique matte finish. Many of the designs include embellished scrollwork, glass or ceramic medallions, or some type of inlaid marble or tile. For a rich, warm look, copper is a wonderful choice. This type of fireplace screen provides a touch of elegance and superb style. If your home or office has a contemporary décor, the ideal fireplace screen would be more on the simplistic side, with symmetrical touches.

If your primary concern is fire protection, functional and attractive fireplace screens are available as well. The screen that provides the highest level of protection is the wraparound screen. The curves allow for complete coverage in the front and sides of the fireplace. Typically, this type of screen is constructed of rigid steel, covered by a heavier wire mesh than what you might find with other fireplace screens. Regardless of your specific need or style, with today's choices, you are sure to find the perfect fireplace screen.

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