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Glass Fireplace Doors
Glass fireplace doors are an excellent way to create a beautiful look for your fireplace and they help when it comes to cost efficiency and safety. The glass fireplace door helps to keep the fire hot and by using a fan, you can push the hot air into the room, cutting down on the cost of energy used. Additionally, if you have small children or pets, a glass fireplace door keeps them away from the flames or embers, thus providing needed protection.

To determine the size of glass fireplace door needed for your fireplace, you want to be sure you measure within 1/16-inch. Additionally, make sure all the measurements are taken at the narrowest points of the fireplace opening. To complete the process of preparation, you need to ensure the fireplace has the following:
  • Suitable mounting surface on the top and bottom of the fireplace opening be sure the surface is sturdy and level

  • Squared opening on all sides be sure any corners out of square are squared so the glass enclosure fits properly

  • Mark these measurements down on a pad of paper for reference
To mount the glass enclosure, you will use one of two methods. The first is an inside mounted door that fits exactly into the opening of the fireplace and the second is the outside mounted door that actually overlaps the fireplace opening. If you were going to mount the glass doors from the inside so they are flush, you want to use the smallest width and height measurements.

A recommendation would be to dedct no more than 1/8-inch from the width and height measurements so you have only a small error margin. If you want to use the outside method, you want to use the largest width and height measurements and then add a minimum of 1 1/2-inches to both of these measurements, again to help with the margin of error.

A beautiful design for a glass fireplace door is the arch. To create this, you can start by holding a large, stiff piece of plywood against your fireplace opening. Next, find the edges of the fireplace and cut out several armholes near the edge of the templates surface. This helps you reach through the surface to trace the shape of the fireplace opening. If you were working with a second person, this step of cutting the armholes could be bypassed.

The next step is to cut the outline of the fireplace from the plywood. Now, set the template inside the opening of the fireplace just to make sure it was traced and cut accurately. With a steel rule, you want to measure the width at the bottom of the fireplace and then measure the height from the hearth to the center portion of the arch. Be sure to mark the template with the right and left sides, as you are facing the fireplace. This is extremely important since most fireplaces do not measure exactly, the same on each side. Once the template is complete, you can have a glass company cut out the doors that will fit within the arch for a magnificent look. Whether choosing a rectangular, arch, or any other shape glass, you will love the way your fireplace enhances the rooms décor. To enhance the glass further, you can etch it before putting it in, using a design that will coordinate with the rooms architecture or décor.

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