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Classic Outdoor Fireplaces
Just imagine being able to sit outdoors in the fall or winter and enjoy a fireplace. Not only do outdoor fireplaces create warmth for family and friends but they also create an ambience of fun, excitement, and romance. One of the most popular choices of outdoor fireplaces is the Chimineas.

This type of outdoor fireplace is very popular and creates the perfect environment for a patio or deck. Although you will find Chimineas made from a number of materials, the most common include cast iron and metal. You can also burn various types of wood, each providing a wonderful fragrance that will fill the air with that campground, in the midst of the mountain smell that everyone loves.

As you sit back with a significant other, cuddled up in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate, and enjoying the smell, sound, and look of an outdoor fireplace, you will see why all the fuss. The design for the Chimineas was originally quite simple but as time progressed, manufacturers became more daring with the design. Today, you will find these fireplaces enhanced with tile, crystals, or other special features.

The outdoor fireplace was originally designed just for the production of heat but as mentioned, that has completely changed. Now, you can choose from a number of styles, finding one that matches your personal preference and outdoor décor perfectly. You will also find that outdoor fireplaces come in a number of sizes so if you only have a small patio or deck, that is no problem.

The outdoor fireplace is also nice during the summertime when the nights can often be chilly. You and friends can sit around with glases of wine and just enjoy each others company. The most common style is that of Mexican pottery. This type of outdoor fireplace is the perfect solution for handling extreme heat and the cold outdoor weather. This style is reminiscent of historic designs, meaning they look great regardless of the homes style.

Chimineas also come in a number of colors. You can choose from black, brown, terra cotta, green, and more. Additionally, this type of fireplace measures anywhere from 39 to 57 inches tall and will weigh from 108 to 159 pounds. Some Chimineas include a cooking grill so you can also enjoy cooking your favorite meats and vegetables over an open flame. If the fireplace you choose does not come with a tool set, you can buy one from any fireplace store.

The cost of an outdoor fireplace runs from $350 to $600. You can also choose to have one custom made, which of course will cost more. Once you own a Chimineas or other type of outdoor fireplace, you will never again want to do without one.

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