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Grill Islands
Do you love cooking outside but hate the inconvenience and mess of a standard barbecue grill? If so, you are certainly not alone. Many people love grilling out even when the snow is falling and the air is cold. With the grill islands made by Heat-N-Glo, you can enjoy outdoor grilling all year round.

You will find a number of different grill island builder sets from which to choose. Each offers something special and allows you to choose the look and size that best fits your needs. For example, if you only have a small patio, you can choose the smaller size grill island that will not take up all of your patio space but still let you grill your favorite foods. If you have a larger area, the larger size grill island would be perfect.

With the grill islands, you will enjoy not only the actually grilling capability but also the counter space that provides you with ample room for preparing foods or keeping cooking utensils and platters while in the grilling process.

Since the grill islands are designed as modular units, you can mix and match to create the look and style you want. This is especially helpful if you have an unusual configuration for your patio where a regular grill or barbecue would not work. With the grill island, you can work around any of those obstacles so you can enjoy grilling without feeling cramped or settling for something less than you really want.

The grill islands will arrive at your home as a prefabricated kit. The finish is ready and designed as weatherproof so if the grill should get wet, no problem. The surface of the grill is easy to clean and gives you plenty of room for even the largest T-bone steak or chicken.

Just imagine inviting all your friends over for a night of grilling during the colder months when most people have put their grills up for the season. With the grill islands, you can keep on grilling no matter what the outside weather. If you are tired of the traditional methods for cooking outside, try the grill island. You will be amazed at how much fun they are and how easy they are to maintain.

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