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We are not currently accepting registrations for our site. All of our articles and buying guides are free and do not require an account or a password in order to access. We do this so that this information will be available to the widest possible set of users. This is important to us and to our user base. We plan to keep this site free as long as we can. The way we can do this is by offering ads.

Later, we may offer our users access to some premium features. However, right now, it is important for us to have the most comprehensive and accurate fireplaces information available on the web. If there are some premium feature that you think might be helpful, please let us konow and we will consider offering them to our fireplace users.

Please help us to keep our site free by reading our articles and letting us know which articles were helpful. we are currently using Google ads for all of our fireplaces information in order to keep hosting and maintence costs covered and to bring you new and updated fireplace information.

We have a lot of this same information listed on our account page. If you want to read a little more about accounts and registrations on fireplaces, please check out that page. To contact us or to offer a suggestion, feedback, or a comment, you can reach us most quickly at the email addres support at fireplaces-fireplaces.com.

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