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Antique Fireplace
Antique fireplaces are one of the hottest options on the market today. Although true antiques are costly, in exchange, you will have a stunning fireplace that is unique. These antique fireplaces make a statement that screams elegance and sophistication. Since the fireplace is installed, you can always take it with you to a new home should you ever move to a different home.

Most antique fireplaces have been refurbished by expert craftsman who understand the era of the piece. You will also have the option of buying reproduction mantels that are made from the finest materials available. To give you an idea of some of your options for both authentic and reproduction fireplaces, consider the examples below:
  • Dramatic mid-eighteenth century marble mangle with gorgeous female caryatids designed on the jambs along with a detailed carving that runs along the frieze, which is flanked by a pair of griffins.

  • Marble mantel that was used by Sir John Soane and removed from the Great George Street Parliament Square before it underwent demolition in the 1930s. This particular mantel is fluted with pilasters underneath the inlaid Greek Key motif that is created in bronze.

  • Limestone mantel that is a nineteenth century Tudor style and very impressive and stately.

  • Nineteenth century mantel designed in Rococo style that is carved from fine marble. The mantle of this fireplace has a serpentine frieze and shelf. The Frieze has a central cartouche that is created in the form of a scallop shell and the jambs are canted.

  • Simplistic and beautiful nineteenth century French marble mantel designed in a peach colored marble that has canted jambs and a serpentine frieze.

  • Louis XVI style that has tapered balusters to the jambs and suspended swags of drapery flowers to the head, which terminates in lotus leaves that are beautifully carved at the base and the frieze has a central carved tablet.

  • Delicate, eighteenth century English marble mantel designed in Rococo style. The jambs are canted with carved foliate detail and Acanthus. The frieze has a centered serpentine design with a central cartouche that is wonderfully flanked by panels of inlaid Sicilian Jasper.

  • Massive, French limestone mantel that has a foliate carved that runs along the frieze that is fitted beneath a molded cornice mantle. The shelf is supported by pilasters that are shaped in the form of female and male.

  • Eighteenth century marble mantle that is designed with a frieze with a projecting center tablet that is flanked by panels that are intricately carved with dogleg architrave and Acanthus. The side has projecting consoles to the jambs with an inverted cornice breakfront mantle.
These examples are just a handful of the hundreds of options you will have from which to choose. For an authentic mantle, if you were to choose a style that is large, ornate, and from the seventeenth century, you might pay upward of $30,000 whereas for a reproduction of that same piece, you might have a price tag of $5,000.

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