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Gas Stoves
When wintertime rolls around, you want nothing more than to have a great way to stay warm. With a gas stove, you can do just that while choosing from a vast array of styles. Best of all, gas burns clean and offer the convenience of no clean up.

Most gas stoves are constructed for durability and made from cast iron. The finish is smooth and can blend in perfectly with any style room, whether contemporary or traditional. You will find gas stoves designed to feature realistic wood-like flames, offering a relaxing, cozy ambience.

There are two primary types of gas stoves from which to choose. The first is direct heat, which uses a coaxial pipe system. This is where a small pipe fits within a large pipe and draws combustion air from outdoors through the larger pipe. Then the exhaust is vented through the smaller, inner pipe. For this type of gas stove, the venting can be done either vertically through the roof or horizontally by going through an outside wall. The reason is simple - no chimney is needed. This type of gas stove is easy to install and economical.

The other option is what is called a B-Vent. This type of gas stove can produce as much as 37,000 BTUs of natural gas. There are numerous styles from which to choose, offering something special and perfect for any place in the room. If you want to convert to propane gas, you can purchase a conversion kit. Additionally, different door options are available adding to the overall appearance and if you want to start your fire from across the room while relaxing, simply use your remote control.

The gas stove resembles the old-fashioned wood burning fireplace that has been around for hundreds of years. The difference is that you burn gas over wood and enjoy a more updated look. In return, you will enjoy an even heat throughout the room, a clean burn, and no messy ashes to clean up or wood to haul in. The gas stove has increased in popularity because of the many advantages and with so many designs to choose from, you can turn any room into a beautiful masterpiece.

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