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Wood Stoves
With more and more people becoming aware of their environmental surroundings, they have changed from a wood burning fireplace to that of gas. Only a few years ago, top of the line wood stoves were not very efficient. They produced a smoky haze, meaning that much of the heat that should be staying indoors was literally going up in smoke. However, over the past few years, many things have changed.

In 1990, the United States Environmental Protection Agency put strict emission laws into effect for the manufacturers of wood stoves. For this reason, all wood stoves being sold today are EPA certified, which makes them more efficient and better on the environment. Heating your home with wood is more economical then some might think.

When you get ready to choose a wood stove, you need to make sure you find a stove that is EPA certified. Next, check the stoves sticker or ask the salesperson about the amount of BTUs the stove will burn. This is important since a common error made by many buyers of wood stoves is that they purchase more heat than their home can accommodate.

Often people think the best choice is the most powerful wood stove on the showroom floor when in fact this is a potential safety hazard. What happens is that a wood stove too large or powerful for your home is often burned at a slow rate. While that may not seem dangerous, this slow fire creates a buildup of creosote. As the creosote increases, the risk of a chimney fire increases. Therefore, before you buy a wood stove, you need to know the amount of heat required for the room or home you will heat and the location of where you want the wood stove installed.

With so many styles now available, you can choose a traditional look or something more ornate. You will be able to enhance your wood stove with your fireplace hearth, door style, and even the type of tools you choose to display next to your stove. You will be amazed at the difference a wood stove will add to your home.

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