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Fireplace Inserts
Inserts for gas fireplaces are designed to convert an existing wood burning fireplace into one that runs on gas. The insert is comprised of a gas log set, which is encased in a cast iron or steel exchanger. With today's designs, these inserts look remarkably realistic. The majority of these units have built-in fans that help to move heat, thus warming the room more efficiently. In addition, many fireplace inserts are designed with remote controls or a wall switch for convenience. When you want to start the fire, you literally flip a switch and instantaneously, you have a beautiful, roaring fire.

You will find two choices for fireplace inserts. The first is called direct vent and refers to system comprised of sealed combustion. This type of system helps heat your home in an efficient manner while maintaining the quality of indoor air. In other words, it takes negative air pressure and combustion air brought in from the outside and eliminates heat loss that is often a problem with typical chimneys. The other type is a natural vent, which uses either a masonry chimney or pre-fabricated metal chimney. In this case, the air from the room is what is used for combustion and exhausts the air going to the outside of the house by using a flexible liner installed within the chimney.

You will quickly discover the amazing benefits of converting your wood burning fireplace to that of a gas fireplace. Most importantly, fireplace inserts create a much more cost effective way to heat your home, in fact, up to 80% more efficient. Other benefits include:
  • Zone heating, rather than spending money to heat an entire home
  • No ashes - no clean up
  • Fires can be started with the flip of a switch
  • Burns cleaner
A quality fireplace insert can easily heat up to 1,000 square feet for a minimal cost. Fireplace inserts can be installed with ease in just about any masonry fireplace and with so many styles from which to choose, you are sure to find something that matches your room perfectly.

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