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Electric Fireplaces
If you love the warmth and affect of a fireplace but live in an apartment, a home without a chimney, or you are on a tight budget, consider an electric fireplace. Do not be fooled by the name, electric fireplaces are attractive and provide a beautiful glowing bed of embers and realistic looking wood. The current designs are designed with rich wood tones, stone, marble, and brick. While some electric fireplaces are designed for appearance only, others are constructed with heaters that can put out as much as 10,000 BTUs. Best of all, since they are heated with electricity, you do not need to worry about fumes.

Most electric fireplaces can simply be plugged in and are ready for operation. All of these types of fireplaces are tested in order to meet UL standards and to avoid problems with overheating, they are specially designed with automatic shut off features. In addition to the convenience, ease of operation, and overall effect, electric fireplaces are extremely inexpensive. Typically, they cost .02 per hour if using only the flames and .14 per hour when the heating elements are in use. The electric fireplace comes with a thermostat that you can set, which also helps save on operating cost. Keep in mind that the energy being supplied to the fireplace is converted into heat for the room, which means this type of fireplace is 100% efficient over other types of fireplaces that run on average 80% efficiency.

Another great feature of the electric fireplace is that they look exactly like a normal, wood burning fireplace. The evolution is amazing where the logs mimic the look of real flames. This type of fireplace is ideal for a bedroom, family room, or office and creates a warm, inviting feel to the room. Depending on where you purchase the logs, you can find some that offer random flames, creating an amazing illusion of real fire. If you have small children, there is an added bonus. Unlike other fireplaces, the electric fireplace is always cool to the touch. Therefore, if your child should be curious and reach out to touch the logs or exterior of the fireplace, they will not be burned.

If you are considering a move and the benefit of a fireplace is at the top of your list or you want to add a functioning fireplace to your existing home without the overwhelming cost, now you can broaden your scope and add a gorgeous electric fireplace. You will enjoy the warm, gentle heat and beautiful appearance along with complete convenience.

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