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Gas Fireplaces
Many people have moved away from a wood burning fireplace to one that operates on gas. By using natural gas or propane, the need for cleaning up messy wood chips and ashes is eliminated as well as the cost of purchasing wood. If you have a wood burning fireplace, you can have it easily converted to a gas fireplace or simply choose a freestanding fireplace, which can be placed in any room of the home. With many large cities battling the problem of pollution, the gas fireplace is an ideal alternative since gas burns much cleaner.

Just imagine coming home on a cold winter evening, tired from working all day, and simply turning the switch to create an instant fire. Over the past several years, the logs for gas fireplaces have completely changed. You can now choose from various wood styles such as birch, oak, or pine, each very realistic in appearance. Additionally, the materials used for creating the logs now hold the heat even better, which helps to warm your home faster and more efficiently.

When you head off to bed, simply flip the switch off, which removes all worry of burning embers being unattended. You can also choose to add a direct vent to your gas fireplace, which greatly reduces any chance for toxic combustion.

With all the positive aspects such as lower heating bills, a cleaner burn, and better fire control, you really cannot go wrong with a gas fireplace. The only disadvantages are that you lose the actual smell of the wood burning as well as the crackling sound of the wood. However, the gas fireplace is a wonderful option and a great consideration.

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