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Rumford Fireplaces
When it comes to fireplaces, Rumford creates some amazing items. The fireplaces created by Rumford are tall and shallow, designed to produce more heat. The throats of the fireplaces are streamlined, which eliminates the turbulence helping to carry the smoke away from the room. These fireplaces were first created in 1796. Count Rumford started writing about fireplaces but it was not until 1850 when they were built in Thoreau and Monticello by Jefferson. His goal was to produce an option for heat that offered modern convenience.

Today, if you look around Thoreau and Monticello, you will still find many of the original Rumford fireplaces still standing proud. In England, Rumford took his knowledge of heat and worked hard to improv fireplaces. His decision was to make them smaller and shallower with wide angled covering. The purpose of this design was to radiate the heat better. As the throat design was streamlined, he chose to remove the hindrances as a way of preventing smoking from coming down the chimney into the room.

To detail the improvements, Rumford wrote two special, detailed papers outlining the improvements of the fireplaces that took place in 1796 and 1798. Because of his knowledge and writings, he became well known. In fact, his one writing, Rumford Fireplace has become a foundation on which many other fireplace designs were built.

Today, many old homes are being restored. As the discovery of a Rumford fireplace is made, special care is taken to ensure it is left intact. Without a doubt, the popularity of both Early American and Classical architecture is built into modern homes. The Rumford fireplaces are in a league of their own, providing a tall, classic appearance that is elegant, simple, and sophisticated. The heating efficiency of the Rumford fireplace is what makes it stand apart from other fireplaces. The fact that these fireplaces have been around for such a long time is proof of the quality.

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