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Vent-Free Fireplaces
A vent-free fireplace is the type of fireplace that does not require a chimney. With the vent-free option, the heat produced stays in the home. For this reason, this is an excellent choice for those looking for heat and cost efficiency. One consideration is that some states do not allow this type of fireplace, so be sure to check with your local fireplace professional as well as your homeowner's insurance company.

Another name for the vent-free fireplace is the Oxygen Depletion Sensor, otherwise known as ODS. The way this works is that when oxygen levels drop, the ODS goes to work by cutting off the flame. For safety purposes, this is an outstanding feature of the vent-free fireplace. There are vent-free logs designed specifically for this type of fireplace to provide the maximum benefit as well. These logs produce a blue flame that while not as realistic as the yellow-flamed vent log, still provide a nice appearance. With a vent-free fireplace, the damper does not have to stay open whereas with a direct vent fireplace it does.

However, the main difference is the amount of heat the fireplace produces. If you want more heat for your home then the vent-free fireplace is the right option. You will enjoy a thorough heat, making every inch of your room cozy. In addition, the cost to run a vent-free fireplace is minimal. For using the fireplace a couple of hours, you will only pay a few cents.

You will find realistically designed logs, good enough to fool even a professional. With a vent-free fireplace, you want to make sure your home is well ventilated. In addition, if you live in a city that sits above 4,500 feet, you could experience problems with the pilot light burning out. This is caused by atmospheric pressure and may lead you to a different type of fireplace. The vent-free fireplace is the type you will find in bedrooms and bathrooms due to the no chimney design. You will want to check with your builder or fireplace professional since there are BTU limits for those rooms. When you are ready for a wonderful fireplace, the direct-vent may be the perfect choice.

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